A-11 Starlink Bracelet
A chain of stars linked by the
speed of light
Sterling $115

A-8 Knight Bracelet
The awaited Knight in shinning armor
Sterling $140

A-13 Hearts and Stars
The mirror image of hearts and stars begs a balance of our hopes and dreams- one reality - one illusion
Sterling $115

AG-3 Spacelet
Stars with planet and moons in Gold
Sterling with 18k Gold $410

AG-4 Flower Bracelet
One bold and Grand Flower surrounded by the next generation
Sterling with 18k Gold $320

AG-5 Orchid Bracelet
The dual set of orchids for the duality of the mind - a changing flower for all seasons becomes a poinsettia if you are in the mood
Sterling with 18k Gold $320

A-10 Crosslink Bracelet
With Sterling links overlayed
Sterling $160

AG-9 Crosslink
Bracelet with Gold With Gold links overlayed
Sterling with 18k Gold links $225

A-12 Heartlink Bracelet
Hearts joined and separated by the new moon
Sterling $115